Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy All About Saving Cashola Month!!!

As I posted HERE, I have declared the month of August, All About Saving Cashola Month!!!

In celebration of this festive month, and to officially kick off my money saving contest, I ran to CVS and Publix today for a quick shopping trip. Although, my marvelous husband, aka the official entertainer of our two children for the day, may disagree with my definition of "quick".

Anyhow, after shopping sales, using coupons, and redeeming store rebates and gift certificates, I wound up spending $66.90 OOP (out of pocket) on $257.84 worth of groceries, goods and school supplies. That was a daily total savings of $190.93!!!

Now, before you roll your eyes and turn to run because you can't believe I'm so pretentious to have bragged about my huge savings after just inviting you to enter a contest on saving should know that I have spent the last three and a half months perfecting my shopping strategy and game plan, AND, before mid-April of this year, I thought people who seriously couponed were losers who didn't have anything better to do with their time than to sit and cut out little squares of paper.

I feel another Pass the Ketchup coming...

In THIS economy, every little bit helps. And, I've found that those little bits can REALLY add up. Looking back HERE, HERE, and HERE...I've come a long way. It's funny how "buying" a few extremely cheap and/or free things can reel you into the couponing bandwagon.

Do I have 'better things' to do? If you consider laundry 'better', than yes.

Mommying is my first priority, and budget shopping goes hand in hand with providing the best possible life for my family.

If I were to earn an hourly wage for the time I spent today clipping/sorting coupons, grocery game planning, and shopping as compared to the amount of cash I saved.... I would have made about $50/hour, and that's a pretty decent rate if you ask me.

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