Friday, April 24, 2009

Quicky explanation of savings

Here's a quicky explanation of my savings:
I used coupons out of 2 Sunday circulars and internet coupons. The internet coupons gave me trouble at the check out counter so I doubt I'll be messing with those again. Both stores took the coupons but said they weren't supposed to. Whatever. I shopped over a 3 day period, but could have done it all at once. Like I said before, I'm learning, so as I researched and found out about certain deals I had to make subsequent trips. Next week will be different.

Since this was my first time to do this, I had to spend some cash up front. But over time, as I accumulate Extra Bucks (which spend like cash towards your subtotal), I'll be able to walk in every week and spent LITERALLY pennies like some of the better Couponers do!!!

I've attached a spreadsheet with details of my transactions from the receipts. Although I swear I saved over $186, my receipts said I saved $162.48. Hmmm. Not sure about that. *EDIT* I couldn't figure out how to attach a spreadsheet to a blog post. Anybody know how to do this? If you're desperately interested in seeing it before I figure out how to link it up, shoot me an email or comment and I'll email you the spreadsheet. really helped let me know where to find my coupons! I'm doing the hanging file method, sort of. Each week I'll pull the Sunday circular and write the date in bold print on the front and file it in the monthly folder. I'll use the Grocery Deals by State section of the couponmom site, search for the store I plan on shopping, and check out their deals. The chart that pulls up will tell you, in code, where to find the coupon (which circular by date),coupon value, sale price, final price and % saved. So I don't have to spend my entire Sunday cutting, organizing and trying to match up what's on sale where. It's all done for you in the charts. All I have to do is mark the deals I want and it prints the detail sheet. I take the sheet and pull/clip ONLY THE COUPONS I NEED for that shopping trip according to what's on sale where.

If it seems confusing, the instructions on how to understand the chart are in the Grocery Deals by State section. I'm telling you, this section has it all and makes it so easy to clip coupons!

Eventually, I'm going to attempt Coupon Mom's "Cut your grocery bill in half" method. We shall see.

Hope this helps. Comment if you have questions or you'd like me to send you some MONEY SAVING VIBE DUST!!! Now go, shop. Find your FREE stuff!

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