Sunday, August 30, 2009

All About Saving Cashola Month- 36hrs and Counting

We're in the home stretch of the final 36hrs of the All About Saving Cashola Month Contest.

I've been pleasantly surprised at the amount of friends, family, and bloggers who have decided to participate in the contest. Some people have even said they don't care about winning the contest as much as they have appreciated the push into the couponing world.

I've heard story after story of people who have never, or rarely, used coupons getting out there and saving some serious cashola by shopping smarter with sales and coupons.

It makes my heart smile!

So, fellow money savers, pull out your Sunday papers (I say paperS because I KNOW you buy at least two, right?) and make your Sunday/Monday food and drug store deal runs soon because tomorrow is the last day of the contest. After tomorrow, you will have 24hrs to gather up your receipts and pull out the old push button calculator to add up your total savings.

Remember, the contest only includes food and regular drug store items bought at grocery and drug stores on sale or with coupons. For example, if you buy a computer desk, flat screen tv, garden plants or clothes on sale or with a coupon at a place like Walmart...don't include those items. I'm looking for savings on GROCERIES and REGULAR DRUG STORE ITEMS, If you have a question about a particular store or item qualifying for this contest, just ask.

Most stores print your total savings in bold at the bottom of your receipt, so add up those numbers on purchases made between August 1st and August 31st and submit the following to me, via comment to this post, comment to tomorrow's post, or via Facebook Private Message, by midnight on September 1st:

Your First and Last Name and the total $ amount saved, and (OPTIONAL) the total amount spent OOP (out of pocket) on qualifying items.

Personally, I like to add up my total amount spent OOP and total amount saved so I can see the net worth of the goods I've purchased. For example, if I spent $30 OOP at Kroger and saved $58, I like seeing on paper that I have $88 worth of goods that I purchased for only $30.

I look forward to hearing your ALL ABOUT SAVING CASHOLA MONTH total savings!!!


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