Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pass the Ketchup PART 2

...because I need it for the words I'm eating. I thought I was full after Part 1.

"I'll never ______ while going to the bathroom" (insert a multitasking event such as 'hold a crying baby', 'talk on the phone', 'brush my teeth', 'eat a sandwich', 'put on makeup', 'flat iron my hair' etc.

"My baby will be potty trained by 18months"

"I nursed my children, so they have built up immunities and won't get sick as much as other kids."

"I won't put MY kids in MMO, MDO, or any other form of childcare...I want to spend every waking minute nourishing their minds with my love and attention."

"Home made clothes is for people who can't afford to buy at stores."

"Who cares if Target is more expensive...I'll never shop at Walmart again!"

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

I'm glad I've NEVER made any statements like that, haha! So nice to see we are all in the same boat.