Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pass the Ketchup PART 2

...because I need it for the words I'm eating. I thought I was full after Part 1.

"I'll never ______ while going to the bathroom" (insert a multitasking event such as 'hold a crying baby', 'talk on the phone', 'brush my teeth', 'eat a sandwich', 'put on makeup', 'flat iron my hair' etc.

"My baby will be potty trained by 18months"

"I nursed my children, so they have built up immunities and won't get sick as much as other kids."

"I won't put MY kids in MMO, MDO, or any other form of childcare...I want to spend every waking minute nourishing their minds with my love and attention."

"Home made clothes is for people who can't afford to buy at stores."

"Who cares if Target is more expensive...I'll never shop at Walmart again!"

Friday, March 27, 2009


When we lived in Houston, I had the pleasure of knowing The Jones, Rebecca and Chris, through our church. When I first met them, they had just moved to Houston for Chris' job and Rebecca had become a SAHM to their son Cameron. Chris and Rebecca immediately got involved with Life Group at church and soon after jumped at the chance to help out with the children's ministry. Their servant hearts and willingness to help others make them both very FABULOUS!

Rebecca always has a smile on her face and a skip in her step. She's eager to make friends and keeps them once their hers. Her super craftiness is astonishing! From her tie dye shirts and baby quilts to embroidered baskets and polo shirts, her love for all things creative is matched only by her intense love for her family. She's got a hilarious personality that infects those around her. You only have to hang out with her for a few minutes before she'll have you rolling about something funny or ironic that her kids have done. She claims to have struggled fitting into her role as a SAHM, but to see her in action makes you think motherhood and taking care of children is what she was born to do. Rebecca is a leader and a planner, especially when it comes to helping others. She has dreams about food, has walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty and read an entire book in one day. Those are just a few of the things I love about Rebecca and that make her FABULOUS!

Chris also always has a smile on his face. He's often seen cutting up with the guys or playing around with the kids, making everybody laugh. Although I've spent more time with Rebecca than Chris, he definitely left an impression on me in that time. When I, one of the preschool bible class coordinators at the time, was in desperate need of teachers one quarter and had asked every known mother, grandmother, teenager etc in the church and nobody was available, Chris and Brad volunteered...VOLUNTEERED...to co-teach the older 4yo class. They volunteered again, again, and again. For that, Chris Jones, I, and the other coordinators, loved you and I think YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!

I asked Rebecca to share a few more FABULOUS things about Chris. Here's what she had to say:

"Chris is unwavering in his priorities in life, even when others may challenge him. He knows that God is always first, then family, friends, and work is last. Too often people in this world get that confused.

He has worked so hard to make it easy for me to stay at home, even though that wasn't our original plan in the grand scheme of things. We have both had to give up some stuff, but we've gained some awesome kids.

I have been amazed at his devotion and love for his friends. I've seen him drop everything to help a friend in need or just cause (especially if that means he gets to play a sport or game of some sort). It is something he's consistently done since college.

He has a great patience with our children, which I do not always have. I think some of it comes because he can be a kid again with the kids. Playing ball, Star Wars, and all those things.

We now have beautiful laminate wood floors where there was once carpet in our house, which Chris installed himself. In between installing the floor, he built a really cool Lego table for Cameron. He is always getting creative and building nifty stuff for us - bookshelf, night stands, etc.

He gets stuff out of the attic for me, off the top of the fridge, and most importantly my Christmas dishes down from the top shelf of the cabinets. I know that sounds silly, but that height difference puts me at a disadvantage that I just can't get that stuff easily. It's so nice to have someone around to reach those things for me.

Chris knows how much I miss some aspects of my life that I gave up for various reasons. Things like theatre and art. He tries to find ways to bring those back to my life. Like taking me to the theatre to see shows and to the art museum to see new exhibits. Even if I can't do the things I love myself, I can enjoy them other ways.

So when I married Chris, I married his family. I know that's sort of a cliche, but it's entirely true. Not only did Chris accept me and love me, his family has done the same. It's really interesting to see the dynamics of the Jones clan at work. They are loud, boisterous, and unapologetic about who they are. I've learned so much from all of them, and so much about myself. I am who I am because of my family and because of Chris' family. It's nice to have such a large group to love."

Thank you Jones', for being so FABULOUS!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello and Goodbye.

Well, Hello there little fella. What are you doing all by yourself way up there? You look lost. You SO obviously do not belong with the others here? What happened to you? You must have fallen into bleach, or peroxide, or white paint. You should be MUCH darker. You shouldn't be glistening in the sunlight, waving around, with pride, a banner that reads "AGE" in bold print. You shouldn't be right on top, in front of everyone else, screaming at me with your tiny bullhorn, "Look at me. You are old. I'm HERE for you." You must have mistaken me for someone my senior, MUCH my senior. Because I DO NOT have gray hair! You. Don't. Belong. Here. Goodbye. and Good Riddens....pluck.

Friday, March 20, 2009


The mailman. Little did he, a virtual stranger, know the utter joy and happiness he was bringing to my life on this day. This fine, cool, crisp, BEAUTIFUL day.

Although I, personally, have not met him, I just want to take a minute to say, Mr. Postman, thank you. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for your dedication to opening (and sometimes) closing my mailbox on a daily basis. Thank you for so graciously exiting the warmth of your atypical mail car, the one that looks like a regular SUV except for the flip flopped driver/passenger seats and the little flashing light on it's hood, to HAND deliver an oversized package to my stoop steps. Your gentleness and careful placement of the taped up cube of cardboard is unmatched. Thank you for honoring the "Please Do NOT Ring the Bell, Baby Sleeping" sign on our door trim. Although, on this day, at this time, even with an actual baby sleeping in her crib, it would have been ok to ring my bell. You see, I've been waiting for you. Not for you, specifically, but for the gifts you bring. Although technically, not a gift per definition, today's delivery....

My heart is beating out of it's cave. All the blood in my body floats anxiously behind my eyes as the strips of sticky tape fly off the box. Flap one, open. Flap two, open. I felt like Charlie on Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory, about to win the golden ticket.

(Insert angelic music with trumpets and flutes pitched high)

Here's a small sample of the luscious fabrics I recently acquired.

What shall become of them you ask? Dresses? Ruffled Pants? A-line dresses with bloomers? Baby gifts? Applique tee's with matching flip skirts? Curtains? Throw Pillows? Yes. Yes. and Yes.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I got caught today. That didn't take long. I tried to play dumb, waiting to see if he REALLY knew. He did. What, does he have a PI? How did he find out so quickly?

I confessed. Sort of.

It felt good to get it off my chest. Although, I don't regret doing IT.

I can't take it back. All sales final, unless he's willing to pay a restocking fee, which he's not.

Darn Dave Ramsey and your stupid CASH ONLY LIFESTYLE rules! Darn you and your little envelopes. Darn the ccard company that has an online notification system, of which I was ney privy to, that *DINGS* DH's email EVERY. FREAKIN. TIME. THERE'S A PURCHASE!!!

~~~Hark, there's a knock at the door. Could it be here already? Pitter Patter, Flutter Flatter goes my heart.~~~
Nope, it was just the stinkin' exterminator dude checking for termites.

Anyway, I apologized, shed a tear, and promised never to adulter-ize my budget again. Yada, yada, yada.

Good thing only two of the yummy fabric orders went through today. Tomorrow is another day. I'll deal with that then.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I gave in to my desires!

Today, I gave in. I couldn't hold back. The burning desire in my heart made my mind and body disconnect. My fingertips tingled as they danced over the keys that unlocked a window to the forbidden fruit. Everything in my soul screamed, "NO, don't do it. He'll never forgive you!" But my hand slapped the guilt right off my face and typed away. The quantities rose, ENTER was pressed. There's no turning back once you start the process. One note of confirmation, a nod that says yes. Again and again. yes. Yes. YES!!!

I did it.

21 yards of suculant woven threads cut to measure just for me. ALL FOR ME!!!. Colors of Expresso, Lime, and Tempered Pink. Prints referenced Lacework, Full Moon, and Wall Flower. Fresh Poppies, Deco, and Polka, the list goes on and on. Amy Butler, Micheal Miller, and Kitty, just the sound of their names causes giddy. The sins continued throughout the day, over and over again, finally resting with patterns of Tops with Bloomers and even a little Portabellopixie.

I'm not ashamed of my love affair with fabric.
I don't deny the financial betrayal.
But, sometimes, it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission.
Besides, the ccard is paid with fruits of my labor, some of which are soon to be on Etsy. Maybe. If I'm willing to part with my forbidden apples.

Until then, my dearest ménage à trois of fabric stores, just know this, as I lay in his arms tonight, I'll be thinking of YOU!

Oops, gotta go, the hubby's home...must hide receipts. Minimize screens. He'll never know. SHHHhhhhh! It's our little secret. XOXOXO

Monday, March 9, 2009

Honoring Life

In honor of the life and with respect for the struggles that my friends, The Wims, faced over the past few years, I made an announcement on my photography blog today that I thought was important enough to post here too:

I am offering FREE Family Portrait Sessions to individuals diagnosed with, or who are Survivors of, Cancer. The session includes one photo shoot either on location, in their home or in my home studio. The family will also receive a custom package of their favorite prints.

At this time, I'm only able to provide these services to families in the Huntsville, AL area and LIMITEDLY to the Houston, TX area, but in time I hope to be able to expand my availability. For more information, please email me at christina@christinajphotography.com.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brad and Jenny are clients and dear friends of mine from Houston.

This letter was drafted as a means to give back to the family of a man who left an incredible footprint on the hearts of many. We will miss you Brad!

Dear Family and Friends,

Brad Wims courageously fought the battle against the cancer that caused such pain and damage in his body for over two years. Each day was a victory and a blessing of grace for we are never promised tomorrow. Even as the doctors’ prognosis was grim, Brad persevered with God as his strength. He was an incredible example of faithfulness and trust in God even in the most trying of circumstances. Many people have expressed a desire to help ease the situation for Jenny, Zeke and Kaelyn. We find ourselves asking, “What more can I do in addition to prayer?”

Although many would think that Brad’s primary burden was his physical health, those that know him well say that more than anything else, his main concern centered on his wife and children. Brad felt responsible for the provision of their financial, spiritual and emotional needs. Since Brad faced an uncertain future, the financial strain weighed heavy on his mind. Because of this, we have decided to set up a fund to collect donations from anyone who would like to make sure his family is taken care of regardless of their situation.

Our goal is to raise $120,000 to be used toward this effort. This would allow Jenny to pay off the mortgage of their house and provide much needed income during this difficult time. The elders of the A&M Church of Christ in College Station and the Southeast Church of Christ in Friendswood (Brad and Jenny’s home church) are graciously providing direction, encouragement and the necessary arrangements to make the collection for these funds convenient. Because of the blessings God showers down upon all of us, we believe this is an attainable goal. We invite you to reflect on the abundant blessings you have received from God and join others in the grace of giving to this much needed cause.

There are two ways to donate:

1. Send a check to either of the churches listed below. Please write “Wims Family” on the memo line to designate your funds and help with bookkeeping.

A&M Church of Christ
2475 Earl Rudder Frwy. S.
College Station, TX 77845

Southeast Church of Christ
2400 W. Bay Area Blvd.
Friendswood, TX 77546

2. You can pay online through the Southeast Church of Christ website. Select the Online Giving tab. Complete the information to create a login. Select Contribution–Special Fund in the Give To field, indicate the amount of your gift, type in “Wims Family” in the Optional Memo field, and press the Add button. You will be prompted to press the Give button. You will advance to the payment information screen where you will need to complete the information to give through Visa, MasterCard, or ACH (electronic check).

Please share this letter with anyone else you know who would want to be a part of this special project. Ten dollars, one hundred dollars, one thousand dollars, or a penny a week...whatever you can give, know that it will bring relief in a time when it matters so much!

Much love and excitement for how God will change us all through this project,
Friends and Family of Faith
Paige (Davidson) Robinson
Aggies for Christ Assistant

For further information, contact the A&M Church of Christ office: (979) 693-0400 or email amcofc@gmail.com.

Monday, March 2, 2009


S-O: Mommy, why are you crying?

me: I'm crying because Mr. Brad went to heaven today to be with Jesus.

S-O: But Mommy, don't cry. Jesus isn't crying. He's happy.

me: You're right, Jesus IS happy.