Thursday, February 25, 2010

Driving up the mountain

Today, on our way up the mountain to pick S-O up from school, this 45 second conversation ensued between Baby Rae (2yrs old) and I:

"Mommy, I need my tap shoes. Hahahahahahaha! I mean BALLET shoes. Hahahahahah! I said tap shoes. Not my tap shoes, I need my ballet shoes so I can chasse' down the street (me: ?). Watch out for the bears, Mommy!!! (me: the bears?) Yes, the bears in the cave. Don't drive to the bears in the cave. I am thirsty. Can I have water? (me: when we get to...) Jacob got a spanking because he opened the door and ran into the street. The cars could hit him. (me: that's right, you nev....) I need to find my nockelers (me: nockelers? do you mean binoculars?). Yes, my nockelers. (me: when we get home I'll look for them). Go find them now Mommy. I need them. I SEE A LION, oh no!!! We better run, quick. HAhahahahah! I don't mean run. You are driving. Not running. Oh NO, there's a goat. I'm scared of the goat. I need the nockelers to find the goat. I love you Mommy, can I have some chips. (me: (sigh) I love you too)."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Where are you, sweet sweet Spring?
I need you. I want you. I long for your floral blooms and warm pollen-filled sky!
Oh, Spring!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's a BOY!!!!!!

Or maybe it's a girl. We don't know, YET.

However, EVERYONE seems to have an opinion.
I don't mind people guessing or speculating the gender of Baby J.
I don't even mind when they ask if we're hoping for a boy or another girl.

It's the ones that say, "Oh, I bet you're hoping for a boy this time," that REALLY gets on my nerves. Or worse, "Oh NO! What if you get ANOTHER girl!!!" You know, as though having THREE girls would be the kiss of death or something.

Why do people automatically assume I/we want, hope and wish this baby is a boy?

I guess it all ties into the 'American Dream', where everyone SHOULD want to have 2.5 children, of which one is a boy and one is a girl. What about that .5?

What if I tell you I would absolutely LOVE another girl?
What if I tell you I would absolutely LOVE a boy?
What if...what if I tell you how I'd really like to answer the question of whether or not we are hopeful for a boy?

I'd say:
"Frankly, I don't give a flying flip about the gender of our baby! I just hope and pray during each OB visit that when the nurse places the cold microphone-looking wand on my lower abdomen we will hear a strong 'swhoosh, swhoosh, swhoosh.' I pray that in less than a month, the ultra sound technician has a smile on her face as she waves the blue goop slathered sonogram receiver over my naval, and I hope she maintains her smile throughout the entire survey. I pray that sometime in July, I give birth to a screaming crying baby who nuzzles into my neck and suddenly calms down with the peace of knowing I am HIS or HER Mommy. So, no, I don't care if it's a boy, or a girl for that matter. I just want a living breathing baby to hold."

But, THAT wouldn't be the 'nice' answer.

So, in the meantime, when people ask me if I'm hoping for a boy/girl, I will say "Yes." Because I am.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Girl

Last week, while working with my 5yr old on her speech therapy homework, we came across a list of questions.

One question read, "What do you need to buy something from the store?"

Her answer: "Coupons"

That's MY GIRL!!!!