Monday, May 11, 2009

This year, our little family decided to honor all Mothers with a very special balloon release.

Red Balloon #1 represented Mothers of today. We honor their unconditional love and sacrifice.
My Mom, Rose, and John's Mom, Paula
This balloon flew for them, myself, and all of YOU who are Mothers.

Red Balloon #2 represented Mothers of tomorrow. They carry our hope in the future.
My daughters, S-O and Rae.
This balloon soared for them and our nieces, cousins, aunts, sisters, and friends, as well as YOURS who may become Mothers in the future.
Red Balloon #3 represented Mothers who have passed away.We will ALWAYS love and remember them!
Nine years ago, my Dad, lost his Mom, Olivia.
Four years ago, John's Dad, lost his Mom, Doris.
This balloon floated for them and YOUR beloved Mothers of the past.
The pink balloon, attached to Red Balloon #3, represented Angel Babies who have touched many hearts without ever touching a hand...babies who Jesus held before their Mom's and Dad's could.
This balloon glided towards the heavens in honor of their memory.

Happy Mother's Day 2009!


Chris said...

What a great example you are to all of us. love you

CJAlabama said...

Thanks Christy.