Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cherry Chap Stick

Dear Cherry Chap Stick,
I love you.


Queen Mumma said...

lol I have an aversion to the brand ChapStick. A high school teacher told me it was bad.

MSW said...

I used to be a lip balm addict. my favorite was Dr. Pepper flavor (Bonne Bell-not even sure they make it anymore). now I keep it to a minimum cuz DH hates it. he is a strange dude. he also hates chewing gum. man, he really gets on my nerves! excuse me, I need to go write in my diary.

CJAlabama said...

QM, it IS bad. So bad, it's GOOD!
MSW, he plays guitar and isn't bad to look at...I'd say it's an even trade (for the gum anyways...However, I'd have a problem with the no-lip-balm rule.) ;)