Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ode to Chips

Maybe it's your salty shell and the ripples on your back,
Or maybe it's your crunchiness that causes his attack.

Could it be your flavored sprinkles of onion, cheese and ranch,
Or might it be the aftertaste that puts him in a trance.

Maybe it's your half filled bag that makes him feel like King,
Holding you so tightly with one palm makes freedom ring.

It may just be a midlife thing like fast cars, trucks, or boats,
But mine is ever satisfied with you and the remote.

He begs me to go shopping when you go 10 for $10,
And every sale we come across makes him want to holler.

"We can never have to many !" his voice trailing our driveway,
As I speed off to the grocer, I'd buy zero if it was my way.

But for him I'll load the basket with Ruffles, Lays and Pringles,
Because I know it fills his love bank and gives him heart tingles.


MSW said...

frickin hilarious. at my house it's Doritos all the way. I get funny looks when they go on sale cuz I have to stock up. My DH uses them as an all-puprose condiment. where others might add crackers, croutons, heck even ketchup, he finds a way to add the nacho cheesy goodness.

CJAlabama said...

HAHAHAH! John's not THAT bad...yet, but I could see chip condiment in his future.