Thursday, March 19, 2009


I got caught today. That didn't take long. I tried to play dumb, waiting to see if he REALLY knew. He did. What, does he have a PI? How did he find out so quickly?

I confessed. Sort of.

It felt good to get it off my chest. Although, I don't regret doing IT.

I can't take it back. All sales final, unless he's willing to pay a restocking fee, which he's not.

Darn Dave Ramsey and your stupid CASH ONLY LIFESTYLE rules! Darn you and your little envelopes. Darn the ccard company that has an online notification system, of which I was ney privy to, that *DINGS* DH's email EVERY. FREAKIN. TIME. THERE'S A PURCHASE!!!

~~~Hark, there's a knock at the door. Could it be here already? Pitter Patter, Flutter Flatter goes my heart.~~~
Nope, it was just the stinkin' exterminator dude checking for termites.

Anyway, I apologized, shed a tear, and promised never to adulter-ize my budget again. Yada, yada, yada.

Good thing only two of the yummy fabric orders went through today. Tomorrow is another day. I'll deal with that then.


"You May All Go to Hell, and I Will Go to Texas" - D. Crockett said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! You BAD woman!!!! I am a Dave Ramsey follower through and through, and I am VERY disappointed in you. You should call the show and apologize to him. And go to confession! Hey, it's all good. Once the snowball starts rolling, very little can change your momentum. Brock and I are much happier people since we found him, and we've made unbelievable progress in the last few years. It's worth the work. Good luck, and FORTIFY YOURSELF WOMAN! Don't let temptation strike again!!!!!

Chris said...

i love reading your blog! You're a great writer. So what are you going to be making? You must send me pics. I have so many friends with little girls. love you

CJAlabama said...

Thanks Christy! I have fun writing it. It's a release for me :)
I'll post pics as soon as I have some finished products to share. Keep checking back. Love you!