Friday, December 5, 2008

Pass the ketchup...

...because I need it for all the words I've been eating!!!

Here are a few statements that have come out of my mouth in the know that "other" life....the one BEFORE kids:

"You shouldn't spank your kids...just talk to them and help them understand."

"I'll never dress like those 'other' kakis for me, thank you."

"I'll always buy matching sandals and handbags."

"I'll never nurse my babies...that's gross"

"I'll only nurse my babies for 6 months...after that, it's just gross."

"I'll only nurse my babies for a year, TOPS....after that, it's gross."

"Why can't that Mother shut up her bratty kid...I shouldn't have to listen to that while I shop for groceries."

"What? You make your kids 'hold up the wall' for discipline...I'll never resort to just haven't tried reasoning enough with him/her."

"I'll never become a Mall Walker."

"Wow, that kids such a brat...he/she must not be getting enough attention at home."

"You had those kids...don't complain about raising them!"

"Parents SHOULD go out WITHOUT their kids sometimes...just find a sitter." (ok I still feel this way...just can't bring myself to use a sitter)

"Six months is more than enough time to lose that baby weight...just work out!"

"A year is more than enough time to lose that baby weight...just work out!"

"Having kids won't change ME...I'll always be 'ME'."


Angie Campbell said...

I appreciate the honesty and laughed all the way through this! Thanks for the laugh! I needed it this morning!

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh I was cracking up at your post. It's amazing how much kids really do change us.

CJAlabama said...

Thanks, I felt the need to be "real" with myself that day ... if only to hear my own words. And yes, I often refer to time periods of my life as BK or WK (Before Kids or With Kids). I guess, I'm still "me" just a different kind of "Me".