Friday, February 27, 2009

Playing at The White House

S-O: Mommy, where does Barak Obama live?

me: The White House. You know, he has two little girls.

S-O: What are the little girls names?

me: Sasha and Melia.

S-O: I want to go to the White House and play with Sasha and Melia.

me: Ok, let me see what I can do.

So, anybody know how I might go about setting up a playdate with the President of the United States children? (doesn't hurt to ask)


Rebecca said...

Sorry I don't have any in's with this president. I did have a contact that could have gotten you in with the Bush administration. Oh well, maybe SO can find some friends named Sasha and Melia and pretend she's at the White House.

Rebecca said...

I haven't quite finished the project yet. But yes, it is a quilt.