Thursday, February 19, 2009

Can I getta Woot Woo!?!

Why YES, I can.

Last night I went out for a MUCH needed GNO with some of my friends.

During dinner, I made a solo visit to the ladies room.

Anxious to get back to my table of quirky friends I quickly cut through the bar section of the restaurant and then... it happened.

"Woot Woo!, Darn girl, you fine!"

So, can a girl in her thirties (ok, a Mama of two, not so much girl but low thirties) out on the town(ok, so we weren't 'out-on-the-town', we were just at a local steak house) still (still? as though I have to ask) turn heads (ok, so maybe he didn't say the 'darn girl you fine' part, but the 'Woot woo' really DID happen)?


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