Saturday, January 24, 2009

2 Large Domino's pizzas for $3

We ordered pizza last night. Carry out. They said it would be ready in 15min.
I live about 10min. away. So I left to pick them up immediately after calling.
There were 2 men paying for 3 pizzas in line ahead of me.
They looked as though they just got off of work from either a construction site, dirt pit, or some other really grimey line of business.

Grimey Guy #1 (emptying out his pocket): Well, I thought I had a few more dollars in this pocket.

Grimey Guy#2 (handing guy #1 some change): This is all I've got man. We're going to have to leave one of these behind (as he patted the 3 pizza boxes in front of him).

Grimey Guy #1 (looking at the young cashier girl): Sorry Miss, but we only have enough for the 2 pizzas. How much do we lack?

Young Cashier Girl: $3.85

Grimey Guy #2: OH, WAIT, I just found another dollar (as he handed the young cashier girl another dollar.

Grimey Guy #1: Well, I guess I could....Miss could you put the $2.85 on my credit card.

OK. Stop right there.

I couldn't stand it. I pulled out $3 (which was a miracle in itself since I NEVER carry cash) and handed it to Grimey Guy #1 and said, "Don't put $3 on your credit card."

He thanked me several times. I told him he was welcome. That was that.

When I got to the front of the line Young Cashier Girl informed me that they lost my order and it would be another 15 min. before it was ready. I thought of my hungry kids and husband at home and said ok, I'd wait.

While I was waiting I realized they didn't give me receipt when I had handed them my debit card earlier. I went up to the desk and told Young Cashier Girl that I think they forgot to give me a receipt. Just then, she handed me my pizzas and said...

"You don't have a receipt because I didn't charge you. They are FREE since you had to wait."

I almost cried. I couldn't believe they gave me my pizzas for FREE just because I had to wait an extra 8 minutes!!! That was so freakin sweet of her!!!

Thus, my story of 2 Large pizzas for $3.

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