Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My husband, in all of his awesomeness, surprised me last night with a new laptop. He knew I've been wanting one for a while now, and seeing that my big computer crashed yesterday morning, he saw it fit to take advantage of the opportunity and earn some major Love Cha-Ching (aka love bank points)!

In order to grasp the true awesomeness of this event...you must know a bit more about him. He's VERY frugal. He rarely shops and buys on the same day, especially for expensive items...those things usually take MONTHS before he makes a decision. It took us over 6 months to decide on our last vehicle purchase! Oh, and he HATES credit cards. Generally if we can't pay cash up front for something, we wait until we can or use a cc that earns hotel points and gets paid at the end of the month!

So, when he surprised me with the laptop, I was floored. Not only for the value of the gift, but for the Love Cha-ching VALUE of the gift. He saw a desire/need in me and fulfilled that need without being asked. Cha-ching! Major love points.

It inspired me to think of ways I could do the same for him. Although my plan doesn't involve spending any cash money, I'm hoping my idea earns me some Love Cha-ching of my own! I'll let you know how it goes. ....or maybe not ;o)


MSW said...

I started to suggest that perhaps your hubby and mine were separated at birth, but then I realized that mine would *never* have been able to buy a computer w/o 6 mos of research.

CJAlabama said...

Well, I have a feeling he has been secretly researching for a couple months. Therefore, they very well COULD have been separated at birth.

Rebekka said...

Okay, so now you have this great new toy, where are the updated posts about what you are doing with it? I love your posts and sure do miss you guys!

Queen Mumma said...

That is awesome!! What kind did he get you?

CJAlabama said...

It's an HP notebook. I like it so far. I've had a little trouble with the laptop stick internet, but overall I'm happy with the freedom from wireless interent!