Monday, November 10, 2008

Today, no worry

I'm choosing not to buy into the "worry" hype. I'm not freaking out about the economy. I'm not making plans for losing my house when my husband no longer has a job because of the govt cutting his program (this isn't happening, but I know some of my friends who are already freaking out when they have no indication that such cutting is happening). I am not stock piling groceries. I am not rushing out to buy a gun. I am not filled with a sense of doom for our country just because a man that I did not vote for won the presidency. BUT, many of you are.

I understand passion. I'm a passionate person. When I believe in something I role with it. BUT, this alternative type of behavior can't be good for you people.

Although, in the end, I supported the, (insert a loud GASP from the state of Alabama, and TX for that matter), winning candidate, my feelings of peace are not stemmed from that fact. My contentment with the way things will be does not come because of "him".

My faith is in God. My hope is in his son. My future is destined for greatness because I will one day be united with them both. My rewards do not lay on this earth...therefore if everything I have, including my life, liberty, and family, were lost, I would STILL be ok, joyous even....because my happiness and peace does not lay in man or the things he/she can provide.

So, today, I have no worries. Today, I am thankful for the things/people I have. And tomorrow...I will hold a newborn baby in my arms and as I smell the crown of her hair, I will praise God that I have the ability to do so, and I will be thankful for the heavenly crown i will one day wear. Today, I have no worries.

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