Thursday, November 6, 2008

Snowman Game FREE Tutorial

Pin the Bow on the Snowbaby version:

This is my first try at creating a FREE TUTORIAL! Let me start by saying there are lots of blogs out there that offer free tutorials on everything from cloth baby shoes to super cool patchwork notebook covers. The purpose of sharing info like this is to inspire others to create!

I made this super fun snowman game for my baby's 1st birthday party. This particular version is called Pin the Bow on the Snowbaby. You can modify the pattern for a boy by adding a classic top hat, scarf, and corn cob pipe, and by changing it to a Pin the Nose on the Snowman Game. You can make it as fancy or basic as you wish. I found most of my supplies at Walmart.

-1.25 yds background felt (Royal Blue)-cut in half to make 2 games

-1 yd white felt for body-makes 2 games with lots left over

-1 black felt square for eyes, buttons and mouth (2 squares if you're making a top hat)

-1 orange felt square for nose

-felt for the game piece (color and amount varies depending on how many game pieces you want to make...I used pink felt for the bows)

-velcro (I used sewable velcro)

-embelishments such as ribbon, tulle and sparklies (try actual buttons for the boy version)
-felt glue -or- thread used to affix Snowman to background (I chose to machine stitch all pieces to the background using a really tight zizag stitch set to zero length.)

-wooden dowel (mine is 1 yd long)

-string or ribbon

-sissors -or- rotory cutter and mat

-straight edge -or- ruler

STEP ONE: MEASURE and CUT fabric to the desired length and width using a straight edge. Mine measured aprox 26'x45' with 1/2 in. hem allowance. Make sure to include hem allowances on both long sides and bottom. Also include a few extra inches on the top side for the dowel casing. (FYI, these instructions will give you a finished background measuring aprox 25'x 38')

STEP TWO: PRESS and STITCH sides and bottom hem allowances. Create a casing for the top by folding over a few inches and PRESS and STITCH. INSERT dowel into casing and tie off ribbon or string to each end to create a hanger. Set aside

STEP THREE: Use pots/pans or plates to TRACE out the head, bodice, and base of the Snowman onto white fleece. DRAW eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons onto paper and cut out to use as templates. TRACE templates onto felt and cut out. EMBELLISH as desired.

STEP FOUR: ARRANGE and AFFIX pieces using your prefered method. I chose to machine stitch all the pieces to the background using a really tight zigzag stitch set to zero width.

STEP FIVE: DRAW game pieces onto tracing/butcher paper to use as templates. TRACE templates onto game piece felt. CUT out game pieces. AFFIX velcro to game pieces (I machine stitched strips of velcro to the back of game pieces).

STEP SIX: PLAY game and award prizes for the one who's closest to the target.

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Rebecca said...

Look at that crafty idea. I like this. So I'm guessing one of the girls had a snow birthday party? Fun idea and different than what we normally see. Good idea.