Saturday, October 25, 2008

Self motivation for the day...

The other day at S-O's ballet class I had the following conversations:

me to S-O as she ran away from the ballet instructor for the 10th time: S-O, go back out there and dance with your teacher. (as I give her a little nudge towards the wood flooring and ballet bar).

me to Baby Rae as she tried to wiggle out of my arms for the 10th time: You are such a wiggly baby. Silly girl, be still and stop taking off your socks.

gentleman onlooker: Wow, you sure have your hands full.

me: Yeah. Better full than empty.

gentleman onlooker: Sometimes you just have to tell yourself that to get through the day, right?

me: yes.


Chris said...

I love that you said, "Better full than empty"
You are so wonderful!

Angie Campbell said...

That is super sweet, and funny! We miss you guys!! Hope you had a great halloween. I posted some pics on facebook