Monday, October 20, 2008


me: S-O, hurry up and use the bathroom so we can go to your speech class.

S-O: If I use the potty, I get to watch a movie on my DVD player.

me: No, you are grounded from watching movies for today because you screamed in the house this morning. Now, go use the restroom please.

S-O: If I use the potty, I get to watch Dora on TV. (note: Dora was already starting on tv)

me: Arrgh, ok, you can watch Dora on TV, just GO USE THE RESTROOM!

S-O: Pause it please.

me: OK< it's GO!

(20 minutes later) S-O: Mommy I peed. I get to watch Dora.

I push play on DVR, the Dora song plays for about 30 sec...then it's was a commercial!!! Snap!

me: Sorry S-O, Mommy made a mistake, Dora is not on...that was just a commercial. Anyway, we have to go now, we are late for school...come on get your shoes on.

S-O: Mommy, you said I could watch Dora. You made a mistake. I get to watch a movie in the car.

me to self: Uhhhh. What should I say? I need time. Buy some time.

me to her: Let's call Daddy and ask him. (knowing he was in a meeting and couldn't answer)

me: Oh, he can't talk right now...we'll call him after speech class. Now, get your shoes on and lets go!

S-O: Mommy if I put on my shoes, I get to watch a movie.

-insert eye roll here-

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Chris said...

Welcome to my life!LOL