Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm not scared.

In six to ten weeks, we will meet our Baby Girl.

I plan to 'attempt' to have a natural, drug-free, child birth.

I'm not scared.


Jessica said...

You go! You can totally do it! How have you prepared??? ...other than having 2 children already, of course!

CJAlabama said...

Do you mean for the birth or the baby? For the baby, I've pretty much got everything I will need for her. I still need to pick up a few light weight sleepers and toiletry items like Dreft, nail clippers, gas drops etc, but she's pretty much set on everything else. As far as the birth, I'm still working on that 'plan'. I've started doing some yoga type moves to try to get my body ready physically. I'm considering looking for a doula, but I'm really on the fence. My husband doesn't want me to go 'natural' because he doesn't want to see me in pain, so I'm thinking it would be good to have someone there who knows what to do when I can't take it anymore and want to give in to the drugs. I have met a couple doulas around here and haven't felt that 'connection' I've read about. I still need to do more research on relaxation and motivational techniques. I'd love if you could share any info with me, Jessica. You know, I used to think people who gave birth without drugs were insane. But something in my heart has pulled me to at least 'try' it. I figure, if I made it through all the stuff that happened last fall (miscarriages), I can do anything. Somehow, I'm not scared of the pain. It's very strange. How about you, do you feel ready for your little one?

Mary Ellen said...

I think it is great if you can go natural for as long as you can. I labored with James for 5 hours without drugs before they had to take him via c-section. And with the right plan and support you can do it. And I know you will listen to your body and Dr. whent he "right" time for durgs will be if at all. I understand the desire and felt the same way with James. Just be open minded about plan b's as well because I wasnt and set myself up for lots of guilt after his birth.