Thursday, February 25, 2010

Driving up the mountain

Today, on our way up the mountain to pick S-O up from school, this 45 second conversation ensued between Baby Rae (2yrs old) and I:

"Mommy, I need my tap shoes. Hahahahahahaha! I mean BALLET shoes. Hahahahahah! I said tap shoes. Not my tap shoes, I need my ballet shoes so I can chasse' down the street (me: ?). Watch out for the bears, Mommy!!! (me: the bears?) Yes, the bears in the cave. Don't drive to the bears in the cave. I am thirsty. Can I have water? (me: when we get to...) Jacob got a spanking because he opened the door and ran into the street. The cars could hit him. (me: that's right, you nev....) I need to find my nockelers (me: nockelers? do you mean binoculars?). Yes, my nockelers. (me: when we get home I'll look for them). Go find them now Mommy. I need them. I SEE A LION, oh no!!! We better run, quick. HAhahahahah! I don't mean run. You are driving. Not running. Oh NO, there's a goat. I'm scared of the goat. I need the nockelers to find the goat. I love you Mommy, can I have some chips. (me: (sigh) I love you too)."


James Patrick said...

BaaaaHaaaaa!!! I love that kid!!!

Jessica said...