Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Of Husbands and Sleeping

A few nights ago, during S-O's bedtime routine:

S-O: Why can't I sleep in your bed with you and Daddy.
me: Because you have your bed and Daddy and I have ours.

S-O: Why do you sleep with Daddy?
me: Because he is my husband and we love each other, so we sleep together.

S-O: I love you and Daddy. Can't I sleep in ya'lls bed? I don't want to sleep by myself.
me: No. When you grow up and have your own husband, he can sleep in your bed with you.

S-O: I have an idea. When I grow up and get a husband, you can sleep in my bed with my husband and I'll sleep in your bed.


I luv my Life as a Wife and Mommy said...

cute! I can send you a link to my blog too if you would like! Just let me know!

CJAlabama said...

Yeah, Brandi, that would be cool.

Candy said...

Sometimes they make more sense than we do :) Love it!