Sunday, September 14, 2008

You have 30 minutes to gather up your life...

That is what my BFF Carrie heard from the Nassau Bay (a community south of Houston and north of Galveston)authorities about accessing possible damage to her home post Hurricane Ike. She and her husband evacuated their home early on Friday in preparation for the storm. The region, as seen on tv, was devistated by a raging storm surge and high winds. And tomorrow morning, she and her hubby of 4 years will have 30 "approved" minutes to visit their home, gather up what they can, take pictures if needed, and say goodbye (temporarily of course). Who knows what they will find when they enter their home. Who knows when they will be allowed back to clean up any debris or possible damage. Please pray for my dear friends. They are such loving, kind, and totally rockin cool people...and I hope they don't have to deal with much clean up. I wish I wasn't so far away and could help clean up that community...and my parents, aunts/uncles/cousins and other friends communities as well... since they all had some sort of damage from the Hurricane
I love you, Houston and surrounding area. My thoughts and prayers are with you all!

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Angie Campbell said...

We feel and appreciate your prayers here. Travis and Janel had sig. damage, as well as Carrie and Ricky and Scott and Shelly. We had moderate damage, and will need to patch the roof, replace the fence, and bushes. I hope your parents are okay. We do have power, thank God, but several still do not have power. We miss you, but you are glad you aren't here right now... short supplies, schools have been postponed, and the grocery stores are spotty. The church had minimal damage though.
Miss ya,